Citizens of Kiunga gifted saltwater plant, eliminating drought

(Photo by GivePower)

Due to being stuck in heavy drought, villagers of Kiunga only had access to dirty well water and saltwater for the past 5 years. However a new international project known as “GivePower” has gifted a saltwater plant, which began construction in May 2018, and now grants them access to clean drinking water.

People were so excited that “having gone through so many years of water being such a scarce commodity, I’m not entirely sure they believe it”, as quoted by Joffy Bastard, the area’s regional partner.

Not only has this plant proven to produce cleaner water than the majority of existing desalination plants, but it also runs entirely on solar panels, giving it little environmental impact. It provides 35,000 people’s worth of water daily.

The nonprofit organisation had previously done various other projects in other places – for example providing renewable energy to 2500 schools in 17 different countries, reaching over 300,000 people. They also plan on reaching areas like Haiti and Columbia.

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