Killer of Jadan Moodie found guilty

On the 8th January 2019, 14 year old Jadan Moodie was attacked fatally in a knife attack from a gang – after tracing the DNA from gloves and a weapon found in a drain, one of the five members has been identified and due to be sentenced, known as Ayoub Majdouline.

According to CCTV, the boy was hit with the gang’s black Mercedes, and stabbed by them a total of nine times. It took only fourteen seconds in total. This was done whilst Jaden was dealing drugs to a rival gang, showing the impacts of street crime spreading onto youth even earlier.

Jaden had previously been in trouble with the police various times since 13, being found with cocaine, cannabis, knives and even an air powered pistol. His death has made a statement of the steadily growing influence of gangs on younger and younger people.

Within an interview with Jada Bailey (Jaden’s mother) conducted by the BBC, she described the moment she found out of the incident: “when [Jaden’s friends] told me that he was not responding. I didn’t know what they were talking about at first”, until she was guided to her son, “laid out in the crucifixion position”. She was emotional in court.

The other four members have yet to be identified, as all suspects were masked on the footage. The officers promise to bring justice to the remaining members.

Majdouline’s location was also traced via another CCTV camera at a Travelodge a few days before the murder – he wore the same clothes and shoes which were found in a churchyard burned. Due to being found guilty to the murder and being armed with an offensive weapon, his sentence will be determined by the 18th December.

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