Sydney drowned in smog from Australian bushfires

Image by Saeed Khan / AFP via Getty Images

(Photo by SAEED KHAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Intense smoke is passing through Sydney to the point where vision is hindered, people are choking and smoke alarms are being set off, due to the crisis of reoccurring inland fires.

Pollution seems to hit an all-time high, its levels surpassing the “hazardous” category for weeks, being 11 times worse at its very worst. According to the New South Wales government, it’s “some of the highest pollution ever seen”.

Many routines have been disrupted – recess periods in school are cancelled, various buildings prone to smoke have been evacuated, various boats and ferries have been halted, beaches are covered in ash falling from the sky, but most notably all citizens have been required to wear face masks in order not to choke.

Thus far over 700 homes as well as six lives have been lost directly from the bushfires.

Anger has been directed at government Scott Morris worldwide, in particular by the locals that describe the intense smoke as “apocalyptic”. Upon being asked he didn’t address this smoke at all, nor on the emergencies of the drought or bushfires, but rather the media associated with it.

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