“Free” Capitalism is Anti-Freedom

The illusion of “free” capitalism is present everywhere – the idea that businessmen shouldn’t be restricted from farming wealth at the expense of workers just because they came up with an “innovation”. It’s true that innovators should be rewarded, but the people who execute a plan are just as important as those who plan it. These executors are the workers, the ones who are paid as little as possible for doing the majority of the work.

A capitalist talking point I hear on the regular is that it “rewards innovation”. This is merely a side-effect of the infinite greed of the elite – if your innovation doesn’t make a lot of money, it’s discarded, even if it would help us progress as a society.

Capitalism is free for the people at the top – if you can pay for a good legal defence you can get out of breaking the law; if you can pay for your medical fees you can get out of dying; if you can lobby the government to act in your interests you can continue to accumulate more and more and more wealth.

Wealth must come from somewhere though, and that somewhere is the lower class. This practice of paying as little as possible and selling for as much as possible acts like a funnel, pouring all the wealth to sit idly in the wallets of billionaires. What good does this do for society? None.

The money stays there, and accumulates until there’s very little left for the lower class, nothing but the legal minimum wage (often called a ‘living wage’, despite being unlivable) just barely keeping them afloat. This is extremely limiting – they don’t have access to medical services, nor good education, nor good housing. Without those three things they are unable to get higher up in life to maybe get a higher wage – they are stuck in a cycle of poverty.

Does that sound “free” to you?
Why do the people suffer for the greed of billionaires?

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